Broaddus Planning Opens New Office Location
Apr 11, 2007

San Antonio, TX – Due to the growth of their Planning Department, Broaddus & Associates, Inc. has opened its second location in San Antonio. Doug Abraham will oversee the new office and their many programming and planning projects, including the City of San Marcos Downtown Master Plan.


Mr. Abraham has worked with the company for over 3 years. He has spent a career focused on facility planning, programming and strategic planning for institutional, education, and governmental clients.


Most recently, Broaddus & Associates has been awarded planning and programming projects in the San Antonio area such as University Health System Facility Master Plan, Texas State University-San Marcos Family & Consumer Sciences Program, Texas State University-San Marcos Undergraduate Academic Center Program, and Southwest Research Institute Gateway Building Program.


The first San Antonio location serves as a base for the team of Broaddus & Associates and Project Control (Broaddus + Project Control) of Texas to manage the Alamo Community College District (ACCD) program. The ACCD project entails the development of two campuses totaling $231 million in construction.