Broaddus Planning Providing Tarleton State University with a New Fort Worth Campus Conceptual Master Plan
Jan 30, 2015

"Tarleton State University has an exciting new opportunity to plan for the future of higher education in Fort Worth," Stephen Coulston President, Broaddus Planning.


Broaddus Planning was recently engaged to prepare a campus concept master plan and facility program for the first building of Tarleton State University's new Fort Worth campus. Walton International Group, a Canadian development company, donated an 80 acre parcel of land adjacent to the Chisolm Trail Parkway in Southwest Fort Worth to the university for the project.


The impetus for this project is meeting the demand created by the growing student population seeking affordable higher education in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Tarleton will become the only public four-year state university granting degrees with a major campus in Fort Worth. Along with developing an overall campus vision, Broaddus Planning is providing planning and programming services for the inaugural 125,000-square-foot building on the site. 


Last month, team members of Broaddus Planning, Walton, Dugdale Strategy, TBG Partners, and Bury spent three days meeting with Tarleton State University and City of Fort Worth representatives to discuss ideas, concepts, and options for the new campus.  The following video captures the highlights of our successful planning charrette.  Enjoy!