Broaddus Planning Completes work on Tarleton State University's Campus Development Plan
May 05, 2015

Broaddus Planning, the firm engaged to prepare Tarleton State University’s Campus Development Plan, has completed the conceptual guide, which will assist the university in its efforts to meet the demands of a growing student population and physical plant.


“Last September, I let you know about the university’s effort with Broaddus Planning to update the Campus Development Plan. I am pleased to announce that the project has been completed,” said Tarleton President F. Dominic Dottavio. “We have a new five-year campus development plan that provides an excellent roadmap as we make decisions.”


The rapid enrollment growth at the Stephenville campus prompted the Broaddus Planning effort to update the previous campus plan in line with Tarleton’s Strategic Plan 2015-2020. The plan, only considering land that the university already owns, seeks to make the most efficient use of available space, since Tarleton has a limited ability to acquire property adjacent to the campus.


“The timing is propitious, as we are about to engage in a $20 million project to develop new pedestrian malls,” said Dottavio. “The new malls will make the campus a joy to walk. By providing wide, attractive sidewalks without vehicular traffic, we will create an environment that promotes walking and enhances the campus atmosphere and aesthetics.”


The pedestrian malls are a by-product of the university’s need to significantly upgrade its utility infrastructure, Dottavio said. The new malls included in the Campus Development Plan are intended to make connections between the Tarleton campus and the community, to fill voids between major buildings and to enhance pedestrian walkways.


The university also recently engaged Broaddus to assist with planning the new 80-acre campus site in Fort Worth, located along the new Chisholm Trail Parkway. Broaddus has been tasked with devising a campus plan and facility program for the first building at Tarleton’s new campus, a proposed 125,000 square-foot facility that will cement a permanent presence in Fort Worth.


“Tarleton State University has an exciting new opportunity to plan for the future of higher education in Fort Worth,” said Stephen Coulston, president of Broaddus Planning. The Walton Group of Companies donated the 80-acre parcel for the campus to help meet the demand created by the rapidly growing population seeking affordable higher education in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Tarleton is the only four-year state university granting bachelor’s degrees in Fort Worth.


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