University of Houston Site Planning & Programming

The University of Houston’s (UH) recent acceptance into the Big East Conference combined with its aging existing stadium prompted the decision to build a new stadium on the existing stadium site. This decision presents a new chapter in the storied history of UH Athletics. The $86 million dollar (direct construction cost), 40,000 seat stadium will be a showcase facility capable of serving the UH community for decades to come. The main goal of our planning and programming effort is to develop the detailed stadium facility program, room data sheets, site improvement scope, and preliminary cost estimate for the new stadium. 

As an intermediate phase in the overall project development schedule, the plan informs the architecture/engineering team and construction manager at-risk team in the design and construction phases. The new stadium will feature an enhanced fan/spectator experience, modernized game day amenities, and an increased seating capacity with a variety of seating options. The stadium will be oriented the same direction as the existing stadium and will be designed to frame a view of Houston’s downtown skyline. Premium and suite seating will be on the west grandstand along with the press box while the east side and end-zones will have general and student seating.

Integral to the planning process was obtaining insight and critical feedback from the university’s user group representatives through small group interview sessions and a large group meeting. By engaging the personnel responsible for day-to-day use and operation of the facility, the planning team was able to capture their needs. Construction began on the new stadium in December 2012 with expected completion to be September 2014.  Broaddus & Associates is the Project Managers overseeing the construction.