About Us

Broaddus Planning is dedicated to the practice of providing pre-design services in support of our client’s capital project and site development programs. Our team of licensed architects and credentialed planners have a combined experience spanning over 60 years. We are committed to integrating sustainable planning principles and specific implementation strategies. 

Broaddus Family of Companies

Broaddus Planning leverages an affiliation with several firms with specialized experience in providing innovative solutions to the needs of capital improvement projects.

Broaddus & Associates

Broaddus & Associates provides owners professional representation through all phases of planning, design and construction to ensure effective project delivery on behalf of its clients.

Broaddus Planning

Broaddus Planning is an award-winning firm recognized as one of the nation’s premier campus planning, master planning and facility programming practices.


Broaddus Technologies

Broaddus Technologies provides the tools necessary to enhance project management, improve design-phase models, and speed the transition into operations.

Broaddus Defense

Broaddus Defense provides proven training to all skill levels to enhance survivability and combat potentially preventable situations, specifically from active attacker events.

Our History

Broaddus Planning was established in 2003 as a division its parent company, Broaddus & Associates, and was eventually founded as its own company in 2010. Broaddus & Associates is an innovative program management firm that provides services for owners developing design and construction projects. Responsible for the management of more than $6 billion in construction projects, Broaddus & Associates has developed a reputation as one of the nation’s leading program management innovators, repeatedly ranking among the “Top 50 Program Managers” by Engineering News Record. With its origins rooted in an owner-oriented approach to projects, Broaddus Planning adheres to the notion that there should be a genuine connection between planning and implementation.

Broaddus Planning’s services span from the visionary (strategic planning, place-making, image and identity, environment enhancement) to the very technical (design guidelines, space programs and standard, landscape plans, and utilities infrastructure). Additionally, the experience and comprehensive services of Broaddus Planning’s corporate affiliates are a constant resource for project management, design, and construction expertise. Whether a detailed facility space needs assessment, an urban design, or a long-range campus master plan, the firm assists each client in charting a clear, successful path prior to implementation.

Broaddus Planning has been certified by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPA) as a Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) for the State of Texas.  This program, which is designed to facilitate the participation of select businesses in state agency procurement opportunities, was expanded to include Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses during the last state legislative session.  Broaddus Planning is excited to be a part of such a worthy program, and is looking forward to helping entities across Texas achieve their HUB goals.


Our Philosophy

From facilitating the creation of visionary, long-range master plans to developing prioritized implementation strategies, Broaddus Planning possesses the unique knowledge and experience to incorporate critical stakeholder input and deliver high-quality planning recommendations that provide long term opportunities and regional impact. Broaddus Planning adheres to the principle that the greatest ability to influence project success is in the early planning stages.

With every project, the earlier key stakeholders are engaged, the better the result. Expectations can be aligned, critical decisions can be made, and problems can be avoided, ultimately resulting in time and cost savings and overall project success. The plan is the birthplace of great ideas, and a thoughtful process can turn those ideas into great projects. While many factors impact successful outcomes, the following are the three pillars of the Broaddus Planning philosophy:


We believe in the connection between planning and implementation. A successful plan should result in actual and constructible projects. The plan should be both visionary and realistic, and it must identify achievable objectives that lead to a clear path for implementation.


We have a comprehensive view of sustainability. Whether providing expertise in environmentally friendly design, encouraging economic stewardship, or making the process equitable through participatory planning, our team strives to make each of our plans sustainable from conceptualization through execution and beyond. We know that sustainability goes beyond Green and LEED Certification. Sustainability is a holistic concept that must be economically viable, and we employ this ideal in each and every one of our projects.


Our process is based on a foundation of collaboration. We engage a range of constituents to build consensus as momentum in the project grows, tapping into local knowledge and providing multiple forums for stakeholder participation. The inclusive and transparent nature of our process inherently embodies the social equity tenet of sustainability, and we have found that plan development participants who provide input take with them pride of ownership. Plans that have multiple levels of participation receive initial and sustained support.