Master Planning

City of McKinney Economic Development Plan

The City of McKinney is proactively planning for growth over the next twenty-five years. The city’s primary focus is economic development, creating a strategy that will increase wages, jobs, and local tax base by attracting suitable industries that have long-term benefits to the community. It is the intent of the Conceptual Corridor Plan to provide a framework for the initial investments that enable the city to purse these development goals. 

The Conceptual Corridor Plan provides the City of McKinney with an outline of land use plans for each of the city’s primary highway corridors. While establishing an overall approach for development in these zones, the plan focuses on four Opportunity Areas, thoughtfully integrating the results of the economic assessment, analysis of Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities & Threats (SWOT), along with an analysis of the physical sites. The outcome is a set of clear framework plans for each opportunity area that will enable the city to guide investment in a manner that supports holistic visions for urban growth. 

These potential “Opportunity Areas” were identified through interviews, focus groups, and preliminary site analysis. These potential sites were prioritized by MEDA members in a survey. The consulting team further refined the list by evaluating each in the context of the strategic vision and a decision matrix that incorporated the project focus, impact, community support, market conditions, and schedule. The resulting four Opportunity Areas have a different vision, and satisfy their respective market of industries to achieve the overall goal of becoming a regional center and increasing the tax base. c