Feasibility Study

GSA San Antonio Federal Building

A new federal courthouse was being constructed in San Antonio resulting in the vacancy of over 75% of the federal building. A federal client was identified to back-fill the vacancy. The feasibility study included a condition assessment and development of options including back-fill or sell of the facility and lease or build a new building for the remaining federal clients. Nine options were developed with variations on back-fill, sell and lease, or sell and build.

Broaddus Planning was hired by Hartman Majewski Design Group to validate space requirements, complete the housing plan, assist with documentation, and assist with the evaluation of nine options for the renovation or disposal of the property.

Broaddus Planning led a Choosing-by-Advantages exercise to reduce the nine options to three, and finally to the preferred option. Choosing-by-Advantages compares qualitative and quantitative criteria to derive the preferred option. As a federal agency, GSA representatives heavily weighed cost criteria as a response to fiscal responsibility.