Sam Houston State University College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Broaddus Planning was retained by the Texas State University System (TSUS) to assist Sam Houston State University (SHSU) with planning, validation, and programming of a multi-purpose academic, administrative and student center project. The current enrollment is 15,300 undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate program students. The University is projected to grow to approximately 20,000 students between 2010 and 2012. The study resulted in a detailed academic and administration building facilities space program, cost projections and implementation plan to address SHSU’s growth needs, as well as related auxiliary services space and cost analysis.

Together with the steering committee, the leadership of SHSU, and the TSUS Administration, Broaddus Planning was able to facilitate a planning process that resulted in a project that met the long-term goals of the university, while prioritizing the user group needs and best use of land to provide a project that functioned best for the campus. Because SHSU was also tasked by the System Administration to provide justification demonstrating the need for the facilities being requested, Broaddus Planning worked with the SHSU’s Office of Institutional Analysis and Leadership to analyze existing classroom and lab utilization and “right-size” the facilities to the project, thereby meeting the mandated minimum utilization rate of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB). The project ultimately received the approval of the University leadership, and was unanimously approved by the TSUS Board of Regents.