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Texas A&M University - Division of Research Comparative Medicine

Broaddus Planning was hired to produce a program of requirements for the renovation of the 2004 section of the TVMDL building to support a new Comparative Medicine Program (CMP) Vivarium.  The CMP is part of the Division of Research of Texas A&M University.  The program’s facilities and services are available for all Texas A&M campus affiliated faculty, staff, and students.

A trend in today’s universities is an increase in research activities in support of academia.  Vivariums are a vital resource for many types of research projects.  Texas A&M is currently experiencing a greater demand for this type of asset resulting in the need this project.  The primary goal of the project is to maximize the number of animals that can be housed in the facility while providing procedures rooms that can be scheduled for use.

The two-story, structure will have a first level for animal housing and processing and a second level dedicated to procedure rooms for researchers.  The renovation of the TVMDL will provide 80 single rack cages and 160 double rack cages with a capacity of 7,760 mice.   The second-floor procedure rooms will be designed to convert to static racks for an additional 480 cages resulting in 1,440 mice.