Texas A&M University - Kingsville Campus Master Plan

Texas A&M University-Kingsville opened in 1925 as South Texas State Teachers College. It has expanded its programs over the years, serving as the center of higher education in South Texas. The campus is located in historic Kingsville, named for the famous King Ranch. Through new leadership at the campus and support at the Texas A&M University System (TAMUS) level, there is a new emphasis on campus realignment, taking advantage of its historic roots and promoting its strengths throughout South Texas. A recent upward trend in growth is helping the university overcome a decade-long decline in enrollment.

Broaddus Planning was engaged by the university to assist in this realignment of campus facilities with the mission and goals of the institution. Together with a team of professionals representing campus planning, facilities forecasting, engineering disciplines, historic facilities, information technology and landscape design, the plan for this historic campus addresses projections through the year 2021. Through a collaborative planning effort among campus, community, TAMUS, and Broaddus Planning resources, the master plan has responded to a specific set of planning principles tailored to the institution. These principles included: 1) definition of campus image and identity, 2) creation of student-centered spaces, 3) focus on community engagement, 4) embracing the unique cultural heritage and environment, and 5) enhancing the campus’ connectivity and access.