Texas A&M University - Nagle Hall Renovation

Broaddus Planning was selected to provide Facility Programming Services for the Renovation of Nagle Hall for office functions. Nagle Hall was designed in 1908 and built in 1908-1909. Records place it as the oldest remaining str0ucture on the Texas A&M, College Station campus. It has remained empty in recent months. And in sever disrepair. Saving this significant structure while modifying the interior for modern codes and technology requires complete renovation. The age of the facility brings challenges for Life Safety Code Compliance as well as Historic Preservation.

A key aspect of the historical character of the public spaces is the presence of the open and singular egress stair for the building. Non-compliance for dual egress from the upper floors and the basement presents the largest threat to maintaining the central open stair. The goal is to obtain approval based upon the addition of the fire detection and sprinkler system.

Provide smoke compartmentation of the primary building zones to restrict the movement of smoke in the event of a fire. Recognize the low occupancy count of the building. Recognize the extremely short and direct egress routes for all occupants of the building. (This must be determined after detailed space planning of the floors is complete.) Recognize the non-combustible nature of the primary structure and interior partition materials.