Texas State University-San Marcos Bobcat Stadium Expansion Master Plan

The Bobcat Stadium Expansion Master Plan was prepared in response to Texas State University-San Marcos’ initiative to grow its football program and develop an implementation strategy to address the need for increased and improved athletic facilities. The multi-phased plan detailed a series of incremental improvements to Bobcat Stadium, all to occur in the football off-season. The stadium is a beacon on the campus horizon, and serves as a “front door” and a distinct gateway opportunity. The stadium plan incorporates the 2006-2015 Campus Master Plan’s design guidelines into the football stadium and east campus.

The existing Bobcat Stadium was enhanced to qualify for a NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision (formerly Division 1-A) program. This involved more than doubling existing stadium capacity, adding premium-seating options, and improving stadium quality, systems, and aesthetics.

Broaddus Planning was initially retained to prepare a feasibility study to determine the expansion alternative for the existing Bobcat Stadium, which seated approximately 15,000. Subsequently, Broaddus Planning was engaged to develop a long-range master plan and west expansion program.  Upon completion of the plan, Broaddus & Associates was engaged as the project manager for the construction of the West Side Complex.