University Health System Urgent Care Center Program

The University Health System (UHS) will construct, as part of its recently completed master plan, an Urgent Care Center at its campus in downtown San Antonio. Broaddus Planning was retained by the UHS to perform the master planning services, as well as the follow-on programming of the Urgent Care Center. The Urgent Care Center is intended to provide key services to the UHS client population in a location closest to where they live. Most of that population is considered poor, and therefore transportation is an issue.

Additionally, as much of that population is not covered by health insurance, it uses the UHS hospital emergency room as its primary health provider. This is very expensive to the Health System, and takes away from other vital health programs it could provide. The Urgent Care Center is envisioned to provide alternatives to the emergency room for the client population through the proposed ExpressMed Clinic. In addition, the Center will provide facilities for the continuation of care for the ExpressMed and the UHS CareLink (UHS internal health insurance) patients.

Through the programming process Broaddus Planning determined that approximately 56,800 gross square feet were required to fulfill the mission of the building. Within that amount, approximately 42,000 was identified as departmental gross square feet.